The Real Narrative: Freedom and Liberty vs Authoritarianism

Donald Trump is another plant. My intuition tells me one reason they installed him was to pacify the right-wing fervor that was growing to expel Federal control in Western States of public-lands. They knew Trump’s TV personality would make great theatrics. Talk about Fake News and politics. What’s going on in the South is another indicator.

The False-Narrative is Trump vs The Establishment and the National Security State. The actual reality and narrative should be: Liberty vs Authoritarianism because they continue to divide and conquer us!!! That’s where none of us are getting with the program. That’s how Trump will continue to empower those behind the curtain.

Let’s not forget that #DonaldTrump wants #EdwardSnowden executed. That contradicts the #Trump vs #establismment spin.

All of this is just food for thought but I’m willing to bet this outlook is correct.


Finger in the Dam

Some lazy mornings I don’t feel like writing but was instructed to practice daily to get anywhere prolific. It’s kinda like practicing the violin or piano in order to fine tune a talent. Writing is something I really enjoy doing but I have never done it for a wider audience. In my younger years, I would write a lot of poetry, essays and short stories; then I started drinking caffeine like a sailer and that dulled some of my senses until I curbed the intake recently after several years of abuse.

I’m laying in my bunk, sleeping in and listening to a husband and wife fighting outside while chimes dance in the wind. Off in the distance there’s the hum of a lawn mower mixed with the singing birds and varmints. It’s officially summer but last night was cold and the wind howled like a crazy woman across the desert disturbing every peaceful moment and wrecking havoc on the evening.

Already, I’ve been on several adventures with a trip to Santa Fe and two visits to a secret location in the desert. I’ve been waxing very political too as I grow concerned and impatient that Americans are losing their freedoms and this country is becoming a fascist state. All the while, young people rather surf their iPods and remain aloof from the tangible issues that could negatively destroy their lives. When it comes to taking a stand you feel like the lone voice in the wilderness or the boy with a finger in the dam. That’s how effective the stance can be when no one else comes forward. This causes me to question the basic intelligence of humanity and the ignorance (stupidity) in my own community? Sometimes I feel like giving up and letting the world crash and burn if it ever does but I am an optimist and that’s why I choose to walk the walk. My friend Jose Gonzalez was telling me late last night that I need to form an agenda and seek out sponsors for a political cause and then people will have something tangible to follow.

In the end, I come to realize that I’m the coyote minding his own business out in the desert catching insects and eating rabbits. I really don’t want to be messing with anybody’s life other than minding my own. Sometimes there’s evil in the world though and we need to stop it.

Longing For A Simple Life

While I long for a simple life you cannot excuse the power of technology and the impact of it on our lives. I think of the revolutions going on in the Middle East and how Facebook and Wikileaks have restored the power of information flow to people. Technology has been able to unveil secrecy so that the truth may be told. Yes, our lives are getting much more technologically complex but I can deal with this evolution with the good it’s bringing into the world. I think the Creator has a had a hand in it.

So I realize, nobody can be completely disconnected from the grid. I need technology to get my own message out, to declare my thoughts and to stay in connected with friends. Maybe we can just say that it is a necessary evil for all of us? Either way, I just got another Macbook and I am sure glad. The lack of a computer can be difficult these days. Our lives have become so dependent on them but I believe it’s a good thing.

I returned home to to Cedar late last night at three in the morning after being out in the desert all pulling rock from an old mining dump about five hours northwest of town nearNevada. Tomorrow, I will see if the rockshops in Zion Canyon want to buy this beautiful translucent blue Fluorite I hate to see such amazing rock go to waste. It’s time to quit roaming in the desert and start socializing again.

The first winds of summer were blowing the heat in from the desert this morning and the sky was stark blue with the bright sun. The birds are singing and it’s the beginning of June. Hopefully I can think of something more interesting to write other than my love of technology!

Early Morning Drive

About 5 AM this morning I threw on Levis and Redwing boots and rushed into the early February cold before the hint of dawn. As I fired up the Jeep it was so frigid that I quickly retreated into the house waiting for the engine to warm up. The day before, after church, I drove into the desert to plow in four-wheel-drive through fresh snow and get a good scenic view of the aftermath of a big blizzard that had moved through on Saturday. After turning on a random dirt road, I drove about 50 miles cutting fresh tracks in the new snowfall. It felt like I traveled back in time, very nostalgic. I’ve roamed these hills enough to believe it still is like the frontier days. As I looked off into the distance I thought I saw the Wells Fargo stage-coach heading towards the mining-camp of Pioche, Nevada.

Later on I was passing a bend in a canyon and witnessed two coyotes playing in the snow on the opposite hillside. They were unaware of my approach but took off over the ridge after getting spooked. Ten miles later, I came upon a large heard of sheep in a desolate basin scouring for the grass beneath the snow. Two huge white dogs guarded the bunch like vigilant cowboys. They barked warnings at me to stay in the vehicle.

I need to write more for posterity. My Grandpa Lamoreaux suffered a serious stroke recently and he was known as a story-teller in the family. But everything was oral. With the stroke, those stories and memories are lost in time. I grew up with my grandpa telling me about the lost Spanish Gold, claim jumpers, and ghosts. I regret not recording the stories of my grandfather & his prospecting days. All I have is what I remember him telling me. It was often when we were traveling back from the Alabaster mines on the other side of Bryce Canyon that he would begin a tale.

My love for the hills was spawned and nurtured by my grandfather and his love of nature and prospecting. My own sentiment about the landscape evolved in a different way. I’m not so much a prospector or capitalist like him. More or less, I love the wilderness because it is all we have left. I want to see things go back to the old ways. If I could I’d reverse time and send everyone back to the days of their ancestors. I just love the history of the red sandstone and the deepness of the canyons. The history it still there, haunting these places and we are another chapter. Those canyon will still be there long after we are gone. When I’m in a sandstone canyon there’s nothing more archaic than the echo of a hungry ravens as it glides above the sandstone rim & or the distant thunder of a monsoon cloud-burst off in the distance, or the trickling stream winding it’s way through a rattling grove of Cottonwood. I live for the simplicity, ruggedness, and the rough terrain of Canyon Country, and getting up before sunrise. My gold mine is the beautiful places that have taken root in my heart.

I’ve lost sight on occasion of these most precious things in my life. God created these holy places to seek refuge from the bitter storms of life but I’ve allowed myself to get bogged down like everyone else who gets plugged into civilization. Our modern lifestyle destroys our connections to the Earth and the land. I haven’t forgotten my roots, and I am going back to them. I’m familiar with the canyons and high plateaus of Utah where the meadowlark still sits on the fence-line in spring, singing in as the morning dew glitters in the sun-rays. It’s almost March and I am feeling so restless with summer fever. I’m restless and was up before sunrise with the neighborhood in a slumber.

So I’ve returned from the drive – rejuvenated by snowy country roads and greeted by the sun as it rose from the East. I beat the dawn and it lengthened my day. Life is super-short, why spend it sleeping!? I’ve also been so distracted trying to locate my better half, and haven’t met a girl who loves the mountains & canyons as much as I do. Well, may I have? It’s too early to tell! It’s the end of February and winter is ready to fight. I don’t mind the Spring snow. It’s expected but unwelcome to most who live in the high desert. As a photographer, I always welcome stormy weather but I really love seeing snow slush on green grass and yellow daffodils. The first cricket started singing in my apartment yesterday. He was telling me that Spring had arrived!

My Life is a River

Checkerboard Mesa

It’s 1 A.M. in the morning and I am inspired to write. Why is that? This thought came into my head because I no longer suffer from the writers block. All of a sudden I feel inspired to write. Life is like a river. I’m a desert rat and river rat and this is how I live. The desert canyon country is my dwelling. Because life is a river, I do not know whats around the next bend in the canyon or when the next major rapid is going to challenge my raft.

So I spent the whole evening watching episodes of the X-Files and the adventures of Scully and Mulder. They are two complete opposites but they make a team like bread and butter. It’s nice to see the harmony between the two FBI characters as they investigate the paranormal mysteries of our time. Ya, it’s just a TV show but I have a lot of affinity for it and I am not one to watch television at all. I spend most of my time taking pictures or going into the hills looking for the shadows that creep in stone labyrinths of the wilderness. I’ve had my own experiences with the Unknown and the unexplainable. Who knows what’s out there? But if you go with me on enough adventures, you too will experience the same phenomena.

The mountains, desert, and wilderness have shaped my politics and how I see the world. It was the starting point that I began to dream about things bigger than myself. It all starts with something as simple as being in nature and listening to the wind. That’s where the real power in this world resides, not in materialistic ignorance or the lustful trinkets of our modern secular world.

I’m not in the mood to proof-read this or re-edit so I’ll just leave-it-be…

The Adventure and Misadventure Ramble

Fall in the Desert

The beauty of life cannot be controlled or pushed. There is joy in the indescribable and mysterious. When you journey into unknown places the mystery never fully reveals itself. For many seasons I have explored vast distances and realized how grateful I am for experience. I have loved every adventure and misadventure. Every adventure has its story, definition and teachable moment. Listen to the things that are fading in this world and let’s not forget the beauty around us. Let’s not let apathy and ignorance ruin our spirits or let the mass production of western materialism deteriorate our lives. You have to separate yourself from this mass consumption of inhumanity and greed. When you choose to become aware, and stir the humanity in others, you realize the harmony that you are bringing back. There has to be something in your life that you are willing to fight for. You have to be a warrior spirit and take a stand for what you feel is right.

It seems that people just aren’t passionate though? We have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down and preoccupied with procrastination. As a society we have become lazy consumers and it’s hurting us. We have to step away from that and become personally sovereign. It takes sacrifice to step away from the easy and set higher goals to reach. As I write this, I hear singers on a drum playing their music in perfect unison and harmony. I love the sound of native music, like the social pow-wow songs, and the native flute. Call me a member of the Wannabe Nation, but I cannot stop listening to their voices and hearing the hope and power in their chanting. My politics stem from hearing those voices and remembering what’s really important in this world.

Now I am thinking of what’s happening in my life and will start leaving more entries on my journal for a special person who enjoys reading what I have to say. . . Thanks for the inspiration and you know who you are! 🙂


Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with this and too much homework at school is the cause. Right now I am working on a paper about Ethnomethodology and how it has become revolutionary in the field of Sociology. It basically invalidates all the old conventional theories like Marxism. Even society is an illusion to the Ethnomethodologist! Maybe I should become one?

Thanks to desert beauty and crickets on warm summer nights, I know what I crave. I miss the dark monsoon storms of late July rolling over high desert plateaus and listening to the distant rolling thunder. The days are growing longer and trees are becoming green. It is time to go sit on Grandma’s porch and watch the hummingbirds.

Well, I’ve spent most my life living outdoors and being in the hills. This summer I am going to photograph areas of rural Southern Utah. Here’s a new twist, I’m also dating and enjoying a social life. Heck, I’m more sociable than I ever imagined. It’s a piece of cake with the right amount of confidence.

This summer my goal is to do some serious hiking in the outback. Running is a new passion. What I need is a good backpack for trekking. My old one is busted. I have an S.A. 44 Magnum to spook off cougars and black bears, so I feel safe going into the wilderness alone. I’ve already come face to face with a black bear and only pots and pans to bang!

Feeling Those Instincts

My writing is picking up. I am sitting alone in a motel room and extremely satisfied. What do ya know! At the moment I feel liberated after traveling long highway stretches and winding through steep rocky canyons. I am the nomadic vagabond!

Tomorrow, I’ll be tearing across the Colorado Plateau from high ponderosa desert to sage covered sandstone mesa. The sweet smell of life and laughter is just fabulous, joyous, and spectacular. I sit all amazed at the center of this Creation. This world is apart of me. My mind is with the shifting clouds that roam colorful vistas.

Life is about love. Loving life is the key to truth and happiness. My thoughts are very active tonight. Something unusual is about to come out of the woodwork. These feelings are like clock work and I’m vigilant. The world is about to change, maybe.

Goodnight Folks. Freedom Rules!

Land of the Nuwuvi

I’m working two jobs at the moment. One is Bar 10, out in the Grand Canyon. The other, Bundu Bashers, out of Park City. My last tour is on the 6th. I guess, I’m done with work for the season. This is a three-day tour beginning when I pick folks up on the Vegas Strip. The first day we visit Zion National Park and Grand Canyon. One of the days we have Navajo guides take them to Antelope Canyon and then over to Monument Valley. On the third day, we go to Horseshoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, and then back to Vegas. For three more hours I drive back up to Cedar City. On the way, I stop at the Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza to gas up and look around the shop.

I’d like to go camping in the Mormon Mountains pretty soon. They are apart of the Mojave desert and north of Moapa. Maybe to a place called Welcome Springs. It’s warm during during the fall and real isolated. For a week I went into that country and never saw another two-legged, just wild horses. Of course that was more in the high country on the way to Pioche, through Rainbow Canyon. In the old west, Pioche was one of the most lawless towns in Navada. It is said that there were more then 75 men killed in shoot-outs before anyone actually died of natural causes.

So after these tours, I’m going to travel the Mojave this next winter. Most of Central and Southern Nevada are part the ancestral homelands of the Nuwuvi, or Southern Paiute. I just finished reading a fictional account of a great Southern Paiute Warrior by the name of Mouse… The chairman of the Moapa tribe is quoted on the back of the book, giving it praise. The author isn’t native. I thought it was pretty good read. Although I know books are all-to-often, subjective. There’s a place in the Valley of Fire, which is also known as the Place of Birth to the Southern Paiute, where Mouse hid out and continually resisted the European invaders in his homeland during the 19th century. He was a thorn in the side of the Mormons that lived in his country. Good for Mouse! If you visit the Valley of Fire, north of the Moapa Indian Rez, there is a place the locals call Mouse’s Tank where he spent his days of resistance. There’s a lot of history in Southern Nevada, and it’s pretty interesting. Most of it is unknown to a lot of people.

Some of the folks are getting to know me at the travel plaza, because of all the stops I make while doing this job. When I was younger though, my cousins, brother, and I, we would usually stop there to load up on fireworks before heading off to go camping. We’d travel to places like Hamblin Valley, or north of Pioche, up into the Pinon country. In the fall, you can gather pine nuts. The Travel Plaza itself, is a truck stop, book store, gift shop, clothing store, casino, and everything else. It has one of the largest stock piles of fireworks in Southern Nevada. Pyro Heaven!

So this winter, I’ll venture where wild horses roam and the wind constantly moves. Nevada is a big sky state. It isn’t hard to get lost while roaming hundreds of miles through the interior. After all the time I’ve spent, I have barely scratched the surface.

Southern Nevada is a land of the Nuwuvi and I will always remember it as such. When I take visitors through, I tell them about the Southern Paiute and the folks that run the Plaza. The last time I was there, I locked my keys in the shuttle van while getting gas. Luckily one of the employees had some knowledge about opening locked doors. He unlaced his shoe and made a noose out of a shoelace. Carefully we pried a side window in the van. He slipped the noose through the opening. It took about an hour before this boy was able to get the noose onto the locking mechanism, and unlock the door. I was amazed!

The Cold is Coming

It grows cold tonight. The twilight is winter red. The leaves are gold and orange. Not long now and cottonwood skeletons will be exposed in canyon bottoms. Time to go to Cal’s ranch with my next paycheck and get me a Carhartt jacket for the winter snow and muck.

The Colorado Plateau has some of the most spectacular landscapes when they are decked in snow. The good thing about this time of year; no more tourists, no more commercial RVs crowding the back roads. The highways are mostly quiet in the winter, especially out by Tropic and Escalante, Utah.