In Support of Immigration

Why are Americans so paranoid about illegal immigration?

Americans need to stop and think about their own roots… I know of a T-shirt that reads; “Ask an American Indian what they think of illegal immigration!”

Think about the hypocrisy Americans have towards illegal immigration, when some of our own ancestors were illegal invaders to this continent. A lot of these “illegal” immigrants are indigenous people that were here long before Columbus set foot.

These Mexicans are risking their lives and dying out in the desert for what I have. That is an indicator helping me realize how privileged I am as an American.

Americans claim they worked hard for what they have, but how hard is life for those that have to survive down there in Mexico? I see these Mexican folks on a day-to-day basis, and they are not a threat, but are friends and neighbors. Americans need to chill out and find more optimism.

I’m tired of seeing the animosity against these folks; they are good people who contribute to America. We have always been a melting pot (or tossed salad) of many different ethnic groups, cultures and peoples. In many ways, this country was built by immigrants.

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