Unplugging My Life

I am getting burned out on college life, though it is something I don’t mind. Knowing that my mom and dad read this blog, I am going to be careful about what I say. That is why I have an anonymous blog. I love my parents, but at the same time, I like some privacy.

I need a change. Maybe I’ll do some sheep herding this summer? When lambing season starts next spring, I may call the Burtons in Parowan and ask for some work… THINGS ARE MUNDANE, so I’m looking for interesting things to do. I’m looking for work here in Saint George and there’s a Southwestern gift shop that might hire me. The stress I feel comes from the fear of getting plugged in further. I don’t want to be the guy with the tie and brief case… I’d prefer being a hobo, adventurer, traveler! Maybe truck driving would be an option? The urge to drive everywhere is very, very strong. This is a nomadic urge. If I had my way, I’d live in New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and finally Utah. I’d migrate back and forth at certain times of the year and stay busy that way. The desert never stops calling me either, so I don’t know what to think anymore.

Then I think about America and all the blind faith people put into their leaders. They vote for lying politicians thinking that things will eventually change someday… People have persuaded me to vote, but if I don’t vote, maybe it’s a way to stop recognizing a currupt system of government. True democracy didn’t start with America. I put a sticker on my car of Geronimo and his Warriors, with a quote that reads; “The Original Homeland Security, Fighting Terrorism Since 1492!”

2 thoughts on “Unplugging My Life”

  1. Ok, signing off. I will give you your privacy! I will not
    intrude on your blog…If you want to inform me about your moves. Call! Unmarking the site/Unplugged! signed off!!!

    Love Dad


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