Sonoran Spring with the White Wings

The White-Winged Sonoran Spring
By Nathan Cowlishaw

In the desert sun, where the cacti grow,
And the winds of change, forever blow,
The White-WingedDoves, they come to know,
The secrets of nature, that ebb and flow.
Their wings a blur, as they take flight,
A symphony of grace, in the morning light,
Their destination clear, and in sight,
To pollinate the saguaros, with all their might.
They land on the spines, with a gentle touch,
Their feathers ablaze, with the desert’s hush,
And as they work, it’s almost too much,
The beauty of nature, a sacred crutch.
Their beaks dip in, to the nectar’s hold,
A moment of bliss, in the desert’s gold,
And as they feed, their love unfolds,
A dance of life, that never grows old.
The chicks will come, in due time,
Their parents’ care, a rhythm divine,
And as they grow, they’ll learn to climb,
The cacti’s heights, a scene so sublime.
The White-Winged Doves, they’ll stay a while,
And in their stay, the desert’s smile,
For they bring life, with every mile,
A gift from above, that’s worth the while.


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From Liberal to Conservative to Decolonized

I was Liberal until I became educated & that turned me Conservative until I learned more and realized the whole damn thing was bullshit. That’s when I started to unlearn over the next two decades and realized everything I had ever been taught, indoctrinated with, and fed was BS – So I started breaking the windows of everything I knew, or thought I knew, and that’s where the beginning of the real education started. This unlearning is where true #Decolonization began, which is a positive term for me, because it was a re-awakening! Two decades later, I’m still deprogramming and rewiring as I learn the real truth of the bigger picture. That’s how F-ed up the Western Vulture is! Yet the members of that dominant culture think they know something while their science tries to discover things… Weird. Photo by me, captured in the #Bootheel of #NewMexico of an old abandoned christian church!

Donald J. Trump is Propping Up Evil

Trump is maintaining PURE EVIL. He’s propping up the same settler regime every single president has ever defended. An immoral empire of lies will continue to spawn immorality until truth prevails. Immorality can only begets more immorality.

All of the corruption common people speak of regarding child exploitation and human trafficking, and the most vile darkness, is due to this colonialism. Trump props it up as he demonstrated brazenly at his appearance at Mt. Rushmore which was a slap in the face of Native People who revere the Black Hills as sacred.

This long history of child abuse, people speak of in the United States in 2020, was utilized as a weapon of cultural genocide and dehumanization against Native kids in Native American Boarding Schools. Various church denominations engaged in the same evils and abuse in assisting the Settler Colonial Regime in its vision of Manifest Destiny. Christians, including Catholics Priests, are some of the worst perpetrators, monsters and abusers.

The largest minority of missing and murdered women and children are Indigenous Women and Children who have been silenced by the colonial regime that TRUMP OR BIDEN continues to prop up. It doesn’t matter who you vote for in the 2020 Election, because the Settler Colonialism is always the winner 100% of the time. That’s the truth.

On an end note, I post a favorite image of the great #Lakota Mystic #SittingBull. He knew about these Wasicu Invaders and the greed in their hearts. This hero gives me a spiritual connection to the past, and what was truly marvelous about the real First Nation that continue to survive American Colonialism. It’s a nice counter-intuition to the negative and evil darkness that is the United States.

Western Culture & White Privilege

The majority of Americans or European Americans enjoy this little thing called, White Privilege. I will call it Wasicu Privilege or Colonial Privilege. Anglo Americans are all super privileged because we are on the receiving end, as recipients, of a centuries old unjust and illegal occupation – enjoying the fruits of our labors in the Stolen Lands of First Nations! The are still here, surviving and still fighting for a real voice in that system which gives them no actual representation in 2020. That is privilege, my friends! That’s the truth as I see it in YOUR Empire of Lies and Denials that continue to benefit YOU. Welcome to the same old America!

Hovering Up The Canyon

Middle of the night

during a dripping light storm

Clouds dense like soup

with a smooth humid stench

permeating the mossy August air

it came to me in the early morning

around 2AM with a lowly hum

shortly after orbs were playing tag

which stirred me out of the deepest of sleeps

They danced like ancient spirits

and shimmered

above the New Mexico pines

near the Colorado line

in a place off the road, I encamped

on my way to Dulce

on Jicarilla Apache Lands

it was an old growth forest.

It was where I saw the triangle craft

hovering up the canyon

above US Highway 64

rotating on its side like a wagon wheel

before climbing into the moon soaked

cloud quilt above

and vanishing.

Poem from my UFO Encounter in 2014

by Nathan Arizona


Original Details on Youtube:

Deeper in Metaphysical Southwest of Mars Arizona

This morning my maroon-headed humming bird friend with the inch long beak was sitting on the oleander outside my window waiting for me to say hello. For a month before he was following me on morning walks in North Phoenix. I purchased two nectar feeders and I think that’s what he wanted from me? Now, it’s his turf and pesters me when the syrup gets too thick or runs out. In the same area, I have over thirty columnar cacti, mostly Trichocereus types; Bridgesii, Cuzcoensis, Peruvianus, Pachanoi; growing near the window. In my room I have three grow lights with 50-60 cactus plants and succulents from all over the Americas; Ariocarpus & Turbinicarpus plants to Saguaro seedlings growing at 2-3 inches in hight. The goal is to secure some land or find a way to get it and get my cactus friends a permanent home in the beautiful earth somewhere where I can look up at see the Milky Way at night. Obviously, that wouldn’t be the city, correct?

Times have been rough. I’m living in Phoenix Metropolitan Area right now and we are now four months into the Covid-19 Pandemic (Dystopia) which shelved my job as an Arizona based tour guide to the local parks and monuments and I’m currently rethinking that line of work. Coronavirus killed Tourism in Southern Arizona for the time being.

The weather has been paradise in what locals call The Valley. I’ve been in Arizona for about a year and acquired more plants than I ever intended to collect when I moved here. I mention metaphysical in the title of this post because intuition led me here. This is the next step after a period of healing in my former life in Utah. I’m supposed to be collecting cactus now and my ambitions have changed since moving deeper into the American Southwest leaving the Beehive State in the dust. If I move once again, it will be New Mexico; probably the Southern end because this collection of plant nation ‘friends’ have to go with me wherever I wind up because they count on me for their survival. I would not want to build a great big greenhouse at higher elevations, so the goal is land and finding the money to buy it.

The Shadow Man: The Visitor

I’m hearing the voices from the far distant past from a time when earth was on a different sphere

I could see them roaming the empty landscape underneath the constant turquoise sky. And the valley floor went on forever beneath the bright hum of sun accompanying massive cloud ships. The calmness of the wind whipped up silent dust devils that soon hid their view.

I now can hear their footsteps in the forest but something else walks through the undergrowth. I cannot spot his shadow even though I have always known who he is, because he came to me! He disappears in the rays of filtered sunlight that drift through the skinny pines.

This shadow man constantly dances with me even in the lively flame of my red warm fire; both the fire and the shadow man against the black night – flickering off the trees under the twinking stars. . . those infinite star systems as far as the eye can imagine.

In the early morning the smoke is still rising from what’s left of the smoldering embers and I can catch the wisp of slight burning juniper, maybe a little sage.

I have never forgotten this man – The Visitor who came to me in a deep sleep when I was a 18. His face still haunts me with beautiful flashback memories. This thing, the spirit, the entity, this old man killed my greed and healed my heart.

By Nathan Cowlishaw

December 31, 2017

Tonight, They Arrive!

Tonight, They Arrive!

They came pouring through the portal
like fiery stars
speaking in eternal languages
beyond our threshold
waking me, in the middle of the night
and awakening the soul
to the biggest thrill of a millennium.
Never thought this was possible
or even close to real but
it’s happening
I’m leaving
I’m gone.
Going back into the portal
heading for closer
to the far-away
listening to the little people
singing their strange themes
inside these cobweb tunnels
descending back in time
forward in a backwards sense
All beauty ripping loose
from the seams of surreality
This, a dream coming true, unfolding
a reality, beyond a vision.
I welcome you
Into this mystic.

By Nathan Cowlishaw

The Real Narrative: Freedom and Liberty vs Authoritarianism

Donald Trump is another plant. My intuition tells me one reason they installed him was to pacify the right-wing fervor that was growing to expel Federal control in Western States of public-lands. They knew Trump’s TV personality would make great theatrics. Talk about Fake News and politics. What’s going on in the South is another indicator.

The False-Narrative is Trump vs The Establishment and the National Security State. The actual reality and narrative should be: Liberty vs Authoritarianism because they continue to divide and conquer us!!! That’s where none of us are getting with the program. That’s how Trump will continue to empower those behind the curtain.

Let’s not forget that #DonaldTrump wants #EdwardSnowden executed. That contradicts the #Trump vs #establismment spin.

All of this is just food for thought but I’m willing to bet this outlook is correct.


I Want to Burn My Past

My “higher” self is really wrecking havoc on me today. A part of me wants to burn everything associated with my past and only look forward. This has nothing to do with my family. It’s all my regrets of past decisions affecting me in the present.

I was sitting in my storage unit today where a leak in the ceiling had rotted a few of my old boxes of stuff and mildew is beginning the decomposing process. It affected some of my junk. As I started to sort through some of it, my past came back to haunt me. Things that I’d rather not remember. I had to step out, take a break and clear my head. The day is coming where I am going to toss a lot more.

For now, I’m back home, rested and just cooling off. Maybe I need to start writing more, and reconnect in like fashion.