Traveling and Moving Around

I’ve been moving around the Southwest far from home. The first journey was a 1,600 mile loop around Arizona passing Hoover Dam, traveling along Route 66, down through Prescott, and as far south as Tucson. This is around the time my brother was getting married to a girl from Mesa, Arizona.

On the ancient Colorado, I had the opportunity to be Swamper for Arizona River Runners for one trip and worked my tail off. That is because one of the gals that was susposed to go had a medical condition at the last moment. So this oppurtunity was pretty rare and was told that getting a paid position on the river in my situation was like winning a contest. So I was able to skip the volunteer (work-your-way) position somewhat. My whole life I’ve been visiting Grand Canyon, but never had the chance of going down the river. Folks down there get a little trippy; they’re the whiskey-vodka drinking crowd, but I enjoyed the company. Sleeping on the pontoon every night, the stars were incredible. The river’s current rushed just feet from my head and it plays out in dreams and visions.

After the river, I traveled around Navajo land, going over to Shiprock, up to Blanding, down to a Tuba City flea market, and stayed in Monument Valley for two days. I went to several look out points above the Goosenecks of the San Juan River, like Muley Point. My whole idea was to venture up to Canyon Lands, but was missing Navajoland, so I returned to Monument Valley.

I’m back home in Cedar City, but already anticipating another road trip; maybe something more than that?

Note: Edited June 26th to add a few more details.

4 thoughts on “Traveling and Moving Around”

  1. After my dory trip down the Grand Canyon, I was offered the job as a swamper on the next trip. I had a steady job to go back to and I knew if I went on the trip I would lose that and my apartment. It was the hardest decision of my life to say no. River running the Grand Canyon could be a life in itself and I will always wonder.

  2. Sounds like a very great road trip. When I was working for the Navajo Nation, the best part about it was making the long drives across the reservation to give a presentation. No doubt, the most beautiful land in the world.

  3. I just love your photo’s.
    Got your link from the Modern Hiker.
    We travelled the Grand last may and were very taken with the whole experience. I put up a post also on Desert Spirits on my blog.
    So… where to next…


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