Nate the Lonesome Critter

I may be working in a tourist trap of a turquoise outlet pretty soon. The big cheese came closer to hiring me today. It is a decent atmosphere to work in. Chimes ring, native flute music plays in the background, and the roaring traffic of Saint George looms outside. I’m talking to the manager, just getting to know him one on one. I spoke with one of the fellow employees too. It turns out that she likes to rock-hound a lot. Neat! Anyways, I’ll see what happens. This will definitely beat the Lowe’s job I had before, where they were having me load boxes in the back warehouse every shift. They had hired me as a sales associate, but that wasn’t the case. In the end they were only giving me ten hours a week, max.

I feel like my life is passing me by. Yesterday I was eighteen, now I’m twenty-four. How did it happen so quick? Why am I madly in love with the desert? I love those shrub covered wastelands!

My uncle just went through a bitter divorce, and his wife hauled his children off to California, and so he’s trying to start over again. You would think I’d be grateful NOT to be married, but that isn’t the case. I’ve seen how lonely and destitute he has become without his family. How am I able to cope with being alone without a beautiful girl and family in my life? If any girl would ever have me, what would I do? Am I scared of commitment, or am I scared that I may hurt someone else because of my own selfishness? What girl is going to go off into the boonies with me and spend a lot of time doing this? Is there anyone more obsessed than I am? I’d hope they’d be the type waking me up before dawn, telling me to get my camping and hiking gear ready for a trip.

So I am lonesome, but not enough to get hitched anytime soon. I’m obsessed with the rugged wild, those places place off of the black top highways. Right now, I crave the Creosote covered stretches of the Arizona Strip. I would kill to have a park ranger, or BLM job, working in a god-forsaken wilderness. I’d move to Cliff Dwelling, Arizona, Population: 12! There’s nothing stopping me but my current situation, my reality. This is such a heartache to endure. Every day that I grow older, I see my life passing me. Every day that I am not in my Canyon Country is one day less that I have to be apart of it.

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  1. Who are U?
    How old are U?
    And…….What do you REALLY want out of life?

    And…….life is passing us all by. Jump in and swim. The water is fine. There is always someone willing to teach you…..



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