The Adventure and Misadventure Ramble

Fall in the Desert

The beauty of life cannot be controlled or pushed. There is joy in the indescribable and mysterious. When you journey into unknown places the mystery never fully reveals itself. For many seasons I have explored vast distances and realized how grateful I am for experience. I have loved every adventure and misadventure. Every adventure has its story, definition and teachable moment. Listen to the things that are fading in this world and let’s not forget the beauty around us. Let’s not let apathy and ignorance ruin our spirits or let the mass production of western materialism deteriorate our lives. You have to separate yourself from this mass consumption of inhumanity and greed. When you choose to become aware, and stir the humanity in others, you realize the harmony that you are bringing back. There has to be something in your life that you are willing to fight for. You have to be a warrior spirit and take a stand for what you feel is right.

It seems that people just aren’t passionate though? We have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down and preoccupied with procrastination. As a society we have become lazy consumers and it’s hurting us. We have to step away from that and become personally sovereign. It takes sacrifice to step away from the easy and set higher goals to reach. As I write this, I hear singers on a drum playing their music in perfect unison and harmony. I love the sound of native music, like the social pow-wow songs, and the native flute. Call me a member of the Wannabe Nation, but I cannot stop listening to their voices and hearing the hope and power in their chanting. My politics stem from hearing those voices and remembering what’s really important in this world.

Now I am thinking of what’s happening in my life and will start leaving more entries on my journal for a special person who enjoys reading what I have to say. . . Thanks for the inspiration and you know who you are! 🙂

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