One Foot Man

Things should be said, whether or not people choose to believe them. I should quit keeping certain things so secret and open up a bit as to why I am going into the wilderness so much. Out there, certain mysteries have been revealed. the fact is this, I have witnessed a lot of unbelievable things that I fear to tell people because they might not believe.

One of these stories involves the one foot man that lives in the Great Basin of Southern Utah. One night I was telling a story of the one foot man to some of my brother’s friends. We were staying in a small cabin of theirs out in Hamblin Valley, which is a famous place to gather Pine Nuts in the early fall. Joe’s friends are cowboys and they act real tough and such but not on the night that I told them this story of the one foot man. He?s a little creature, not much higher then a human knee. It isn’t human, and it does roam across the landscape. I will never reveal any more detail about this creature in this journal. That night out in Hamblin Valley, was a real jittery experience, because Joe’s tough cowboy friend started getting angry and confronted me during my storytelling. He told me to shut the hell up or else, and so I did, and ever since, I am careful as to whom I tell my stories to.

So I have contemplated as to whether I should tell certain tales on West Desert Journal? Some of the stuff that I write has is sugarcoating as to what remains covered by the curtain. I hesitate to tell some stories but in due time, I may choose to reveal certain slivers of truth and knowledge in relation to the experiences that I have had on the desert. There are enough of them to pass onto my future grandchildren. The unknown definitely exists and I warn you to be careful in them hills. Always inform somebody where you are going and never go against your better judgment or you could wind up raven food.

The story of the one foot man is not all that important, but it was to my advantage to scare a few country folks. Those who have heard my tales were angered, maybe even spooked beyond reason. What I say is true and I need to start writing about some of these events.

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