Bad News

Every river company I have spoken with have no volunteer work available for folks like me. Yet, river guides like Tom Vail are telling me that I must go down the river 6-10 times as a volunteer before I can be considered for any real job on the river. Maybe I’ll go down the Colorado like good old Buzz Holmstrom; a man with real courage, who by himself, traversed the entire length of the Grand Canyon. It’s larger then life and I am forced to dream. I’m tired of dreaming, I want a piece of the action, thrill, and beauty. Give me constant adventure, that’s all I crave on this crazy planet. The beauty of the hills is all that makes any sense. I’m sick of going everywhere else. I’m an explorer always feeling restless. If I don’t find some way to break the tension, I swear I’m going to go do something funny like attempt a solo river trip!

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