Longing For A Simple Life

While I long for a simple life you cannot excuse the power of technology and the impact of it on our lives. I think of the revolutions going on in the Middle East and how Facebook and Wikileaks have restored the power of information flow to people. Technology has been able to unveil secrecy so that the truth may be told. Yes, our lives are getting much more technologically complex but I can deal with this evolution with the good it’s bringing into the world. I think the Creator has a had a hand in it.

So I realize, nobody can be completely disconnected from the grid. I need technology to get my own message out, to declare my thoughts and to stay in connected with friends. Maybe we can just say that it is a necessary evil for all of us? Either way, I just got another Macbook and I am sure glad. The lack of a computer can be difficult these days. Our lives have become so dependent on them but I believe it’s a good thing.

I returned home to to Cedar late last night at three in the morning after being out in the desert all pulling rock from an old mining dump about five hours northwest of town nearNevada. Tomorrow, I will see if the rockshops in Zion Canyon want to buy this beautiful translucent blue Fluorite I hate to see such amazing rock go to waste. It’s time to quit roaming in the desert and start socializing again.

The first winds of summer were blowing the heat in from the desert this morning and the sky was stark blue with the bright sun. The birds are singing and it’s the beginning of June. Hopefully I can think of something more interesting to write other than my love of technology!

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