Last Day at Bar 10, Tomorrow

Well it’s my last two days at the ranch, ten miles from Grand Canyon. Where my path goes from here, is unknown. Bruce at Arizona River Runners is giving me the chance to run the Colorado this summer. It looks like a dream coming true, finally! After an experience on the river, I’ll have enough material to stay busy writing for a while. Tomorrow is the last day for me, so I’ll make it the best one of them all.

Today, the desert was a furnace. The mens bunkhouse felt like a greenhouse in Death Valley. There’s honey bees and bumble bees all over the place. The tree in front of the Bar 10 Lodge is flowering and sounded like electricity with all the bees.

Everything seems to be flowering; the cliffrose, Hedgehog Cactus, the prickly pear with yellow or pink flowers, and dozens of other shrubs and cacti. The canyon is coming alive. Foot-long dragon-like lizards are basking in the sun, and running around on the men’s bunkhouse. The Great Basin Spade Footed toad has made himself known scaring some of the guests at night… they think there’s a yanni lurking nearby; after hearing a few stories of course!

Life is grand. I’m here at the ranch alone, again. It’s times like these that I find a chance to write a little in my journal. Things are working out just fine. I shot my Uberti 357 at some rocks down in the wash tonight, while listening to the crickets and wind. The dusk set in, and the shadows of Whitmore Canyon grew long.

All is quiet as I head to bed, ready for the final day…

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