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Sometimes, I feel caught up in a doomed system, or that I am about to fail myself. But when I see beautiful rock formations and the nimble clouds as they pass through the heavens, I am reminded that life is so beautiful; that to keep going is the ultimate goal.

Now I just need to vent, maybe even in an abstract way. That is what this journal is for…

The sky is deep black, and I am seeing the infrared trees. I am crossing the wasteland that stretches farther then the eye can see. The desert shrubs and creosote speak sleepless dreams. I am reminded of beauty, over and over again. There is nothing more intoxicating then the sweet colors of the desert, especially within the Arizona Strip, venturing up through the Kiabab Plateau, or going along the foot of Mount Trumbell, near the Toroweap overlook of the Grand Canyon. Or venturing across the Sugraro strewn landscapes of Southern Arizona. While passing through emptiness, through the space of endless valleys, I cannot seem to figure out where I truly belong? There is this traveler inside, this neo-nomad that wants to keep drifting through the foot hills and the deep landscapes of the wild. The earth shadows are strong, and powerful.

In the cities and towns, new agers (nuagers) exploit the most sacred things, and as I sit here in Flagstaff or go to visit Sedona, the business and cultural exploitation just makes me sick. There is everything wrong with this New Age Movement, from the disrespectful selling of Native ceremonies, to the selling of books on NDN Spirituality, by spoofs, frauds, and Plastic Shamans. I see their exploitations of other cultures, and I wish there was something I could do to stop it. But our system allows them to exist. America is about money, and finding ways to exploit something to make a buck. This is what is wrong with Arizona culture.

The landscapes of this state are amazing. But these cities keep growing, and they grow too big commercially. I feel angered by certain things, and I have to say something about them. In all the while, I try to dwell upon the positive things in the world. Such as the sacred mountains above Flagstaff, or the deep wild gorges that surround this little city. The Ponderosas here are awesome, and dense.

So this is my perception at the moment. I won’t stop myselt from dwelling upon these things.My mind is a constant storm. Because, I simply don’t want to accept the things I am unable to change. If I could, I would find a quiet way to vanish from all the destruction that I see on this Earth. If I am a fool for talking about this, then albeit, I will say what is creeping through my conscience.

A Thanks goes to Annika. I thank her for the inspiration!

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  1. Grape Juice becomes wine over time…I hope your views mature with age. Every thing is borrowed from somewhere, even Christianity has borrowed from the cultures around it. You have a Nihilistic way of looking at the world. Quit resenting everything….Do ya have the courage to post this? I’ll be watching…



  2. What your saying could be true about most cultures. But isn’t there a difference between acculturation vs. the exploitation of another culture? From what I’ve learned, a lot of cultures have borrowed from others, but haven’t exploited them. The New Age Movement is responsible for the exploitation of various cultures and life ways.

    Nihilistic is quite an extreme word to use also. Because I think I merely hold an opinion on the issue, and it is of concern to me!

  3. I guess I’m not up with these blogs yet I wrote a post and tried to preview it after that it wouldnt post for me nevermind.

    Nate, Your thoughts are very compassionate and honourable my friend and I hope in time others will have the same respect for their fellow humanbeings.

  4. dude. you’re lucky that your family reads your blog & respects you enough to make comments. i’m really jealous. most times i am just a figment of my own imagination. z

  5. “Grape Juice becomes wine over time…”

    It can also become vinegar. Wine is dangerous when abused, and far too many Nuage people act like drunks when it comes to spirituality. Instead of savoring, they binge, abuse their spiritual health, and become loudmouthed bores not knowing or caring who they offend.

    “I hope your views mature with age.”

    His view is shared by untold hundreds of revered Native elders. Respected spiritual Native elders are not immature, or else no one else would consider them elders.

    “Every thing is borrowed from somewhere.”

    Borrowing means that someone asked before taking. Nuagers don’t ask, they just STEAL left and right and don’t care or don’t listen when Natives say “NO! This is not yours.”

    “You have a Nihilistic way of looking at the world.”

    Nihilism means he either does not care or does not believe in anything. I see him as someone who cares very deeply about these issues.

    “Do ya have the courage to post this? I’ll be watching…”

    Sir, do you have the courage to consider that you may be wrong and he may be right?


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