Introspection: Am I a Hermit?

I was talking with my grandpa today, about hermits, those bearded men that still seem to haunt the mountains living in makeshift huts or sheep camps. He said I ought to take my camera and go photograph the few that I’ve come by and try to capture them in their routine. Of course I’m wandering if this would be considerate or respectful towards them?

I assume that these folks live in the hills because maybe they don’t want anything to do with civilization. These individuals truly live in the quiet places, yet, I don’t quite understand where they may be coming from? How do they survive emotionally with only themselves to entertain? I’ve been wanting to hunt of few of them down and get to know them. If they want the company?

To me, a hermit is a human that discovers happiness in isolation. Half of the time, I feel like a recluse. I tend to despise human company, out of frustration. Mostly, I crave the company of others. I would like to learn how to be at peace with myself as my thoughts are very stormy. I crave the sugars of society but I wouldn’t mind living on the fringe.

I don’t expect everybody to live in cabins, but I feel like a hermit. I’m waiting for a life changing event, for my dreams to grow. Yet, I’m not an earth-loving, tree-hugging, dope smoking stereotype. I’m an average, clean cut college student, and this is my journal. I won’t let the bigger world define my existence. I have my own innate power, to resist the common.

9 thoughts on “Introspection: Am I a Hermit?”

  1. Nate, I think you’re a fine writer. Good luck with your blogging. I think many of us envy the life of the hermit, yet we understand that the life of committed solitude is not as easy or attractive as in our romantic imaginings. Your words strike a familiar chord in me…and in many, I’ll bet.

  2. Pebbles: If you can put into words, how you feel, I would be interested in hearing what you would say!

    Jude: Thanks for the comment. I still do not know about blogging? It continues to be a test, and I’d rather write like this, rather then fill up dozens of composition notebooks.

    I also agree with you. The only way to understand something, is to experience the stuggle of it!

  3. I think the peacefulness in solitude is something we all strive for, even if it’s only for a few minutes (take yoga or tai chi). I think it’s something we all need. However, I also think that very few of us could actually live a life where human interaction seldom occurs. Everyone achieves a balance somewhere along that continuum.

    Nice post Nate.

  4. Yah, I can agree with what you’re saying Vernon. I need human interaction even if they are all behaving like programmed robots, or aliens. I think it may be the other way around, or vice versa.

    I don’t mind human interaction. It is a need. What I could do without, is the sugary traps of this popular American culture. It?s the beast that is destroying everything in its wake.

  5. i think i would get tired of being a hermit. i like to be alone sometimes. i’m not afraid of being alone. i love, however, being with people. i get wacky energy from being with people. take that little personality test on the top left hand corner of my page & see what your personality type is… then visit & take a look a your personality type… it’s all very interesting… 🙂 z


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