Black Shadow

I thought I
heard the unseen,
while sleeping?

Nothing opened the door,
but it remained closed.
Yet, Nothing walked in
and I heard him
jingling his keys!
I also heard him
punching the code
into the key pad!
Again, no one came
through the door.
The door remained closed.

I see an ungodly shape on the wall.
The inanimate black shadow
watches me without eyes.

4 thoughts on “Black Shadow”

  1. Oh wow!!! Reading this struck a nerve with me. I have this very bizarre sleeping disorder called Sleep Paralysis. Its where i wake up totally paralyzed. Its caused from stress, herditary and most of all the brain not releasing a hormone that turns your muscle movement back on before you wake up. Things kinda get switched around i guess you can say. After i wake up the hormone is then released instead of the other way around. It only last for a few minutes though.

    Our ability to move our muscles is shut off while we sleep so we dont act out our dreams. We can still move obviously but to a certain point.

    For reasons unknown during the paralysis, hallucinations are experienced and one of the most popular things that are seen during the hallucinations are black entitys. Just like the black shadow you speak of in your writing. I have seen it myself a few times. It stand across the room and watches you. It has no eyes, no facial features in fact. Its not even really shaped like a human. You can see it has a head but the rest of its body is more like a long rectangle shape but its shoulder area is kinda rounded like a humans. Its horrifying! Sheer terror over comes you and you try and scream and move but its impossible. Then suddenly the hormone is released and you can move and the entity is gone.

    Ive been studying this disorder for years now. Its facinating.

  2. The black shadow in my poem is describing the silence that watches us. Often in the city, I feel like no one is watching me. When I am in a forest, surrounded by dense pine, it feels the opposite. I would have to admit hearing things while sleeping, too!

    I’m going to look up some stuff on this Sleep Paralysis, it seems like something right up my alley!

  3. You have to wonder if someone really is watching us with all the “bumps in the night” that we hear. Even when all alone some place, I like to think that I’m really not.

  4. woah that’s freaky pebbles. i guess i must be opposite of you… i used to sleep walk a lot until i was 18… now i just sleep talk a lot. i must have less hormone or something… trippy! z


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