Something at Indian Peak

Whatever it was it was moving through the trees in our direction. All the small pinion saplings had been stripped from their tips. Maybe this is what engaged our imaginations? But the sound of snapping dead wood and breaking branches grew steadily. Perhaps it was coming from the limestone caves on the mountain above? The first time my cousin heard the comotion he came stumbling over the top of the hill asking me if I had heard it. Then we both froze in silence and I shouted in the direction of the noise. Both of us bolted back down to the Jeep in the wash below the hill. We didn;t hesitate. This was somewhere near Indian Peak, west of Milford, Utah about two weeks ago. We want to go back out there and explore those caves. My guess is what stripped the trees could’ve been a porcupine or mule deer? Maybe the large movement was a Bear? The snow was falling and was dense that day. Towards the evening the weather cleared a bit. We keep diving deeper and deeper where humans shouldn’t go, where teeth and shadows lurk. That day we had cut into fresh powder. The 4×4 trail we’d traversed hadn’t seen any tracks in months. We were the first ones in that area in a long time. I ponder what is living out there? I would’ve stood my ground had I owned .357; I never take unnecessary risks. I was a coward!

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