The Wanderlust Grows

The wanderlust returns? For now though, I am enjoying my schooling in Saint George. I am home in Southern Utah. I think I have found my niche in the arts. For the first time this semester I am taking art classes at the beginning level: oil painting, watercolor, and drawing; except for advanced photography. These classes are giving me instruction in areas where my talents are now being challenged. An oil painting class at the beginning level is a struggle. Yet today, I was painting and noticed that everything was falling into place. I had my own style. It actually looked like a landscape. This is going to be my first oil painting.

If I have potential in certain areas, where will this lead me? For the passed three years of school, I never reached the type of enlightenment that I am at now. Even if it weren?t my place, art has made me a happier individual. As I am driving along Sunset Boulevard, I look up at the deep red rock cliffs above Saint George, against the turquoise sky. I can see the red cliffs and blue sky in paint strokes, and I can see the textured shadows, but my mind tends to distort the image in an abstract way like Vincent van Gogh… The sun is falling into the deep west and the end of summer is drawing near.

If the wanderlust gets the best of me, I will run away to somewhere in the Southwest, which will be against my better judgment. If art becomes my focus, what will happen? I like writing, taking photographs, and driving into the wilderness. But what is my ultimate purpose? I follow my heart even if it pulls me into the darkness of a storm.

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  1. i came across your blog about a week ago. i just felt like i had to say i really like your writing style.

    i used to take photo and art classes, too. i miss the photo classes (a lot), not so much the other classes because i never was very good at them.


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