Faceless Creature of the Desert

I’m waiting in autumn for you.
I’m freezing in the snow,
waiting for the unknown to dissipate,
so I can witness a dream untold.
Somewhere in canyon country, you are waiting.

I see your crystal eyes reflect
off canyon pools in summer,
but nothing is there…
It rouses me, like weeping.
Only the howling wind is heard.

Sharpened trees, slice the wind.
Sunglow illuminates their flickering leaves.
The earth pads my tired feet.
Everything on the outside,
is stirring inside.

Something sensual and dark
hides in the bushes and rocks,
in the infrared clouds.
Deep from within Mother Earth,
the ancient shadow sings.

2 thoughts on “Faceless Creature of the Desert”

  1. your crystal eyes reflect
    off canyon pools in summer…
    Something sensual and dark

    Nice imagery. I like reading your words out loud. The images that cross my mind take me home.

  2. Hi Nate! Thank you for stopping by my site. Im doing ok. How are you? You have a great site here. I love your writings. Im gonna link you so i can come by everyday. =)


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