How the Dawn Inspires

Our family went south of Cedar City and almost made it to Arizona. There was a new area that we had never been before, and it was awesome. Big red rock cliffs came jutting out of the ground like backbones. Creosote bushes and various cacti decked the landscape clear to the horizon.

We left Cedar about 6:00 A.M. before the sun even came up, just right before dawn. The Pine Valley Mountains, located south of Cedar City began glowing in a soft purple hue and then turned pink, red, and orange. The sky was burning red. The whole vista was dreamlike, and brilliant.

When the sun rises, it is good to witness. Because if you’re lying in bed and sleeping, you must ungrateful and lazy? That beautiful sun provides warmth for this planet. If it weren’t for its service, we’d all be dead. It is hard for me to rise in the morning, but I have been doing it lately. Going to bed early and rising early is a good habit. It creates a mind full of wisdom and happiness. The day seems more fulfilling and high-minded.

I always try to be thankful for my innate source of power, and I am grateful to be living and breathing the sweet air of the Earth. I’m grateful for my parents, siblings, and family. So don’t forget to count ALL your blessings, instead of being ungrateful.

Hopefully, I don’t flip-flop on this subject, but I’ve tried to be thankful for everything that the Creator has given. I’m even thankful for being depressed sometimes. Because blessings come in many different forms, whether they be good or bad. The struggles in life are blessings. They teach you to endure to the end.

When I viewed the sunrise on the desert this morning, It reminded me of everything beautiful and bountiful. What a grand and stunning world that we all have the privilege to live in.