When Close Friends Fade Away

It’s real funny, but I thought some friends could last forever, that they would always be someone you could lean on? But even close friends come and go. They soon fade from your life and become distant, pleasant memories. It’s real sad in a way, because you build an attachment and relationship with them, and then they’re gone? Maybe I’ve been that way too, but I thought friends could last a lifetime? Despite my mistakes and imperfections, loved ones have always been there for me through thick and thin. And in tough times, family will always be there when I need help. If it weren’t for my immediate family, I don’t know where I would be?

The human race is lonely and unpredictable. Why are we unable to understand ourselves? Why is it such a deep conundrum? Sometimes I am afraid of being human, because of what I am capable of. There’s also much to learn in this lifetime. So hopefully I’ll learn the answers to some of my questions.

Sometimes if your friends stroll totally out of your life, maybe they weren’t really your friends to begin with?