Dreaming of Bristlecone Pines

The wind pushes through the forest like a wild stallion, roaring in a thousand rivers. In the mountains around my home, Bristlecone Pines stand high on the edges of cliffs and mountain peaks; catching and shredding the wind in their twisted branches, making it whistle and wail! I’ve been up there on those mountains, in places where no other man has ever been. I’ve befriended those ancient monsters of peace. They have chosen to grow in the most barren places. They are wise for their perseverance, and for their stubborn lives.

They were on my mind tonight. I was day-dreaming. When I am confined, busy, and unable to travel, I depend on a core of mental images/landscapes. But that simply isn’t enough! Sooner or later, I start going crazy. Surely, the desert is always singing to me.

The urge is relentless. It keeps me thinking about the deepest parts of my life. Is my existence on Mother Earth important? This journal serves a purpose, no matter how obsolete. It is an endless journey to discover my own shadow. I’m just one of billions!

The wilderness is my haven, because it always feels safe. It keeps me balanced and sane.

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