Uncomfortably Restless

It’s constantly agitating; something keeps bothering me, but I can’t identify the source? I’m dubious? There is this constant impulse to wander off somewhere? But school is an anchor. Why do I feel distraught? This city is surrounded by desert on all sides, and I’m pondering on deep beauty.

We all dream. We all feel cut off. We are lonely, and need a freedom that is hard to reach. So continue to survive, because the mysteries are still singing. I can see the clouds as they travel the sky, and they are restless.

There’s a quote I’ve heard, and have no idea where it came from: if a tree falls over in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it matter? I feel that it does matter!

I want to resist; I want this world to change! Listen to what Blackfire has to say.