First Southern Utah Leak: I Believe in Wikileaks

Who gives a crap whether drama is useful or not or whether people try to tell you how to act, how to behave, how to conform. I really don’t give a rat’s butt when people tell me what to do, what to think, and what to believe. I believe in the truth and getting to the bottom of it at any cost. This is a cause that is worth fighting for. Organizations like Wikileaks are trying to keep world governments free and transparent. They are trying to be a voice & power for the people, to protect their liberties. Julian Assange may be an American enemy to some but I view him as a Jeffersonian Hero. He believes in protecting the Freedom of the Press and he believes that is what he’s fighting for. I’m not going to back down into a closet on this issue, because I will let my heart speak freely and declare the world is a better place because of Julian Assange. We have a conduit at our disposal which will hold our government accountable for it’s actions, for the abuse of power, for those who try to hide their crimes behind secrecy, in the name of National Security. I don’t want my country committing crimes in my name. I want the American Republic to become what it was meant to be according to the original beliefs and intentions behind the Constitution. We need to stand up and protect our liberties. We need to be more decisive and seek the truth amongst all the smoke and take a stand against any potential that leads to tyranny. Let’s ask hard questions and require more accountability by our federal government which is supposed to be answering to the people!

Seriously people, get up and FIGHT or lose your freedom!

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