Be the Captain of Your Ship

Life is good but how do you rid yourself of bad behavior like procrastination? It’s not healthy or desirable. The worst kind of activity is unproductivity. Life is about setting goals and progress happens one step at a time. It’s not a simple matter because it takes a conscious effort and some faith.

Being on Earth every day is the ultimate experience but it’s hard to know the outcome. My father always said; “the choices you make now will ripple into your future.” I’ve felt the ripples of my choices and they were unanticipated. NATE, you’re time on this planet is limited so make wise decisions, please!

I love certainty and knowing what’s going to happen, or where the road may lead. So many people are content to float around. There’s nothing wrong with it but I’m captain of my destiny because I choose the life I create. Not everything happens by chance. That’s why it’s important when considering every opportunity that comes along.

It’s been a beautiful week at the end of the semester. School is done as we move forward into summer. I’ve got plans. Big changes are coming into my life one step at a time. Never be afraid to dream big and strive for the best outcome. Many individuals wait for the wind to hit their sail but there’s a paddle in my boat!

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