Tower of Stars

Dangling My Feet Off Horseshoe Bend

We are selfish and lonely creatures. We get too busy with our miniature lives. In a static world of big cities and forgotten dreams we tend to trample over more important things and forget others are feeling the exact same heartbreak. In the commotion I stand back and listen to the buzzing static and yearn for silence. So many opportunities wait to be seized. Often we simply overlook such chances or don’t realize that they’ve come and gone. I have passed up many good opportunities in my life and now ponder on what happened and what went wrong? It’s called experiencing the ripples of things I did in my younger years. I made allot of wrong choices. Still, I am young and hopefully waking up to subtle hints that will guide me to further opportunities. My hope is that not all is lost. Blessings await! My prejudices are only second nature because my heart is in tune with the mistakes that I have made.

At this moment of realization, the only real idea is to keep moving forward into the future. So this current frame of time is all that matters. We are not alone in this world, neither in the universe. There is something out there so much bigger than us. The tower of stars climbs the stairways of heaven. Earth is a speck in the fleece but it is incorporated into a system teaming with spectacular mysteries and visions.

Life is beautiful and we all have dreams no matter how insignificant we may feel, so don’t be lonely. Have peace and remain calm. We are not alone. There is something much bigger than us. Let your heart tune into this. Listen to the wind slicing through pines. Enjoy the purple skies of a luminous sunset. Live life to the fullest! Please, do not worry yourself because there is something much, much bigger than us. You must have faith and hope for things which are not seen but are true.

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