The Great Change

I ponder the precious and rare beauty of this world. The quiet that is. The sun rises in the east igniting the purple twilight while canyon birds join serenading crickets. The arms of orange light touch the tips of canyon rim and I am lost somewhere between eternity and pure love. This is life and we are on this journey of ruggedness called reality. This wilderness feels closer to faraway from all of life’s travails. The sunrise comes and then passes into oblivion never to be repeated.

The wind still whispers the ancient past as it travels through pinion. I hear them passing through here as if it were the present. They come out of the trees like lone drifting cloud shadows. They bring with them the stories!

Images dance. From out of the past, they come. Even with uncertain modern times, they dance. A great change is coming. Just around the bend, it’s on the verge of waking. The world is about to change forever. Brace yourselves. Think of the peaceful rain, rolling thunder; what happened long ago. These old ways are not forgotten.

And this is what is called mystery. Listen.

Can you hear it? Coming?

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