The Outlaw Coyote Kate

In a few words to keepin it short
My heart trembles
for Coyote Kate.

In winter, the wind whistles
over the dark Uintahs
through steep strange canyons
of sandstone and shadow.

The beauty of that country is composed of
lost gold mines, dinosaur graves
and chocked oil deposits –

a wild territory haunted
by coyotes, cowboys, ramblers ‘n such
even the ghosts of
departed prospectors.

as the sun sets
in the freeze of winter
you can feel the hint
of a deep conundrum
plaguing the
land of the Utes.

in quiet discontent
an independent Woman known
as Coyote Kate wonders
the streets of Vernal,
a town of oil drillers
river runners ‘n more.

there is something unusual to Her
silence that causes Me to conspire
as She moves about.

far away to the south
She rides the quiet canyons
and labyrinths of a dream.

I used to engage every adventure
into the forested hills.
I would follow the shimmering light
that appeared in the distance.
yet, I never felt fully content

until She crossed My mind.

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