Faith and Steadfastness

When the hardest trials come knocking on your door, that’s when you have to have the strongest faith and steadfastness. That is how it feels. That is the way it always will be. You will not be rewarded until after all the trials of your faith. The truth is that life is unpredictable. The way people react is completely unpredictable. Having a lot of faith is not for the faint of heart. My faith is strong this Sunday morning. I believe strongly in the Creator and am grateful for a powerful blessing that has come into my life. But the truth is, the path through life isn’t an easy path, but it is up to all of us to stay the course. It is my belief that all of life is a test to see if we will remain true and faithful, and endure to the end.

Early this morning, I awakened to the soft winter light seeping through my window as I was pondering everything in reality like what should I do with my life? Where should I go? How hard am I willing to go, to reach my goals and to find true happiness? Faith is for all things hoped for that are not seen…

1 thought on “Faith and Steadfastness”

  1. To remain motivated to stay steadfast, certainly such motivation must be founded in faith, if it is present.

    Unfortunately, some people do much that may shake one’s faith — and they delight in it, no doubt about it. Sure, they might not throw raucous parties about it, but you can tell when one of those enjoys defacating on things.

    To whom has to work with such deluded asses, at least there may be hope in the ability of social community to lend sense of reason back to one’s attention.

    Without meaning to lend a pall on what you write, I had wanted to respond — and to respond honestly — having read. This is all I can think to say in response, as I write, here, though this may be as much digital flotsam.

    I hope that your week has gone well, sir.

    As for how this one respondant’s week has gone, I might now recall: To wander the desert is at least feasible, when one is not starved or vital provisions — so to speak, as it were, figuratively, and so as to not be mistaken by *anyone*, as for the nature of the statement ;^)>


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