Speaking of This Beauty

There are so many good things in life like the sunset that bathes the sandstone mittens of Monument Valley, Arizona, or the soft whistle of a meadow lark on the high desert of Southern Utah. The clouds are constantly changing while the rock filled landscapes change slowly beyond our reality in geological time. It would be a once-in-a-lifetimes experience to witness a natural rock slide from the side of a granite mountain, or weathering mesa. These deserts of the Southwest endure the hottest summers and most frigid winters, but their surfaces soak in the deepest evening sunlight of every sunset, and warmth of every sunrise. It makes the landscapes of the Southwest part of the supernatural realm. It is where one can find peace between Father Sky and Mother Earth.

It is a constant search to learn about the native history and stories of the Southwest. I am not indigenous, but have an strong desire to know the truth and history of the land of my birth. It is important to understand the people that came long before me or my ancestors. There is this knowledge unknown to most common folk. Another desire is to come to understand the mysteries of the land and find affinity with the unknown. History goes beyond the text book, deeper then our modern life.

There is this tree that I know and I’m working very hard to find the roots. When I was younger, I discovered a beauty that I can never put down. It is with me every day, guiding me slowly, but carefully. The Creator is watching out for me. It’s all about this beauty, learning and finding ways to show respect.

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  1. Nice post. Hav eyou read Richard Francaviglia’s “BELIEVING IN PLACE: A SPIRITUAL GEOGRAPHY OF THE GREAT BASIN? I’d also recommend Craig Child’s writings.


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