Far from Civilization

Last week the boss gave me a chance to go out alone on a quad, so I packed some food, water, and a camera and left to explore some of the real remote parts of the Grand Canyon. I stopped and looked out over Parashant Canyon, went up to Whitmore Point, and explored countless ranch roads. There is nothing like feeling solitude in the most isolated pockets of Grand Canyon. You don’t feel the same when others are with you. The beauty and aloneness is unrivaled. I spent the majority of time scouting cliff edges, deep ravines, and spiraling canyons. Man I’m going places that even river guides never see. Now I am back in town and there’s nothing to do but daydream of the quiet beauty. I know what I want to do for the rest of my life, live peacfully, far from town.

1 thought on “Far from Civilization”

  1. Since I am planted firmly in the middle of town, I appreciate the opportunity to venture beyond civilation with you. Thanks for taking me along on part of your journey.


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