The Shadows of the Land

i am leaving home
to join my soul, the wild.
leaving my loved-ones
for earth’s darkness.
the universe sings forever.
the desert calls.
i’ve been patient
in my planning.
no one really hears the mysteries,
or why the heavens weep.
The land’s transforming.
old ways dance in my heart.
my spirit is fiery.
the horizon waits.
i’ll find the place
where nothing ever sleeps.
tonight, i pack travel food
and journey into the desert.
the wind whipped wasteland is glistening.
my dreams haunt
bottomless basin mountains.
my heart is in the tower of stars.
the desert is calling.
in this darkening hour,
it’s a conjuring whisper.
i can’t be late for an appointment
with the shadows
of the land.

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