Yes, I believe in him

I just moved from Saint George, Utah, back to Parowan – Which I heard means Evil Waters to the Southern Paiute. Anyways, there’s stories around here of a hairy man, especially over by Enterprise Utah. I avoid certain parts of that country when going in alone… There’s an extreme feeling of melencholy there, because of a massacre site known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre, where Mormons killed over 200 people that were passing through back in the 19th century.

My grandpa has a bigfoot story, and he says the creature moved around him taking strides longer then that of a human being, and it walked in about 2-3 circles before grandpa decided to jump on his 4-wheeler and leave. He never saw anything, though. This happened up in the Tuscher Mountains, above Beaver, Utah. He was out rock hounding and it was after dark. Most people look at me in an unserious way when I admit that I believe.

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