The Man in Black

How I remember the good ‘ol times: “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash,”

As I dwell on the sorrows of humanity and the world, the desert, the animals, the wandering clouds, the sun blazing just before dark, I think of the salad days. Before those days, the old west, and the times that have long sailed into memory. Johnny Cash is a hero and he plays his spirited tunes down the old dirt road we go, the folk songs of our land. The lesser known songs pass into furthest trenches of my mind. There was no self-righteousness in Mr. Cash, especially when it came time to entertain the inmates at Folsom Prison, making them human once more in a strange land.

I think Johnny seen everything for what it really was. Never will I forget the man that makes my heart feel so big.

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  1. (I think I posted a comment on the wrong article sorry..) Just wanted to tell you this is very nice! Only one correction needed….Take the “there” out of the intro. Johnny Cash simply said…”Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”. 🙂


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