What An Evening

Someone rear ended me in Saint George, tonight. I don’t blame them though; they are victims in a way. The driving culture of Southern Utah is chaotic. Too many people in a hurry is the problem. It’s the dysfunctional fast lane society that we are all plugged into. The lady got a citation for following too close. My new vehicle is a 2005 Dodge Neon, maroon colored. So, I am going to need a new bumper.

5 thoughts on “What An Evening”

  1. Sorry about the bad luck! Thank God for expensive insurance. Southern Utah is a growth area! Yes, you are going to witness expansion beyond what you will find acceptable.


  2. Sorry about the accident. Im glad everyone is ok.

    I love your new layout. I just put one up myself. Get bored to quickly. It drives me crazy when people dont change there layouts to lol.

    I just realized our site names are kinda similar. Thats really cool. I got mine from how i live on the west bank of the Hudson River. 😀

  3. I named this site after the West Desert in Utah, an area has been used and abused by the US government for weapons testing and all kinds of harsh things. The more an area is abused, misused, mismanaged, destroyed, and neglected, the more beautiful it becomes to me. The West Desert is one of those sacred places.

  4. It sounds like it can with stand anything. Its so strong. I hope it continues to be that way. 🙂 So sad though that its abused. Man has no respect for nature.


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