Peering Into the Unknown

Stars and quasars burn forever, like candles, in the stillness of the universe. Beyond the earth’s atmosphere, the universe is teaming with hidden activity. Undocumented life forms dwindle and cluster in the dark crevices of outer space. Their intelligence sometimes exceeds ours and they play with our imaginations. They have always known us and they visit the earth like tourists and vacationers. Every now and then, strange lights are seen on the desert, and appear when they think no one is near. Aliens have been coming to the earth for a long time, always leaving us with mystery.

The desert is something that cannot be understood, only speculated upon. My mind drifts through mountains of sage and cedar, and I hear them hills over yonder, chanting about what happened long ago…

As I try to put my feelings onto paper, yes, I speculate about manifestations that have caught the corners of my eyes, or a bold flash of firelight deep in the hills, that disappears in a flicker. There are abnormalities that appear, and they seem to move and vanish, with utter and disturbing surprise. It is the excitement of being alone and isolated in the boonies. Of course, my imagination tends to run rampant, like a rabid coyote. But perhaps I get tangled in blissful delusions.

1 thought on “Peering Into the Unknown”

  1. hey nate! so far your journal is cool. i like your stories. they are great. you have a lot of cool experiences and you should tell about them. i havent read enough to know if you put the one with the bear on it but you should. the one about the ten year olds foot print too. maybe even some of what the different indian tribes believe. if nobody else does, i believe that most of your stories are true. you should tell that one you told us a few years ago. the one about two people dieing in the desert. that was an awsome story. if you have any more stories like that, i think you should put them on here or you could email them to me. i am interested in that sort of thing.


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