The Yellow Sandstone Canyon

An aged river slithers through the yellow sandstone canyon. For millions of years it has. The clouds are passing through the sky, like there is no human existence. This world continues without the presence of humans. We should be grateful to be here, we should try harder to protect it.

I am sitting out here, with everything washed in a soft glow. The blue sky is gentle, not rough. The clouds are majestic, old looking, yet they constantly shape shift. The water in them is ancient. The water flowing in the river, carrying the canyon’s sediments, is ancient. The Earth thunders with an awesome beauty that hides in the Southern Utah Wilderness.

When all else becomes lost, I hope this place remains. The Canyons are safe havens. They speak quietly to those, who cannot find any other comfort in a turbulent, human world of wars, bloodshed, intolerance, and hate. There?s a good side to people, but the bad side is overwhelming…

There’s nothing so peaceful, like listening to a flowing river, wind dancing around, or hearing the various songbirds whistling in old cottonwoods. I want to stay in these places forever.

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  1. Hi Nate. =) Saw your site in my list of referrers. Thanks for linking my poetry site. Had you not, I wouldn’t have discovered your perfect abode.

    Guess what. Am writing a reaction paper for my class, and it has somehow calmed my cramming brain (it will be passed soon) when I checked out your site. Wish I am writing poems instead of class papers. =) Hope to come back here once more. You have a very beautiful place– your described dwelling place, as well as your online site.

    Anyway, good morning from exotic Philippines!


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