Silent Movies

…I remember those early silent films
of the twentieth century,
playing to music and captions;
the music always weeping
along with muted actors…

Humans know nothing
of their existence.

…I love the antiquity of flickering,
and voiceless motion pictures.
The art was waged against
newly pioneered camera eyes…

We experiment and explore
because we feel alone in the futility
of our inscrutable universe.

…I can see true human dreams and excitement
escaping through every frozen frame…

We can only speculate,
and have faith to believe
we know where to venture.

1 thought on “Silent Movies”

  1. Without the benefit of sound, we’re left to interpret the movies on our own, to some extent – another type of exploration. Maybe that’s what makes up human – speculating and exploring, testing the waters, and trusting.


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