Unforgiven – The Way it Really was?

After watching the western movie titled; Unforgiven, it reminded me of a trip my brother and I made out to Nevada, to a place called Pioche. During the late 1800’s, They say Pioche was one of the most ruthless towns in the West. It was a busy mining town and a war zone. If you visited, you ran the chance of being harassed or even killed. Murder wasn’t uncommon in Pioche, Nevada. It was also common in many other colonial frontier settlements at the time. In my opinion, this was the true history of America’s expansion into the West while drunk in corruption. The movie Unforgiven, will satisfy this assumption; It will testify about everything. There’s no Hollywood glamour, or fake stereotypes in this movie. You will see things up close and personal. You will see the disease that plagued the territory. This often must have been the true lifestyle during America’s westward expansion; or the prime of it’s Manifest Destiny.

This movie is directed by Clint Eastwood, and he’s also the main character. Unforgiven is highly disturbing, and hard to understand.

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