A Few Words…

Today’s high temperature was 25 degrees. Tonight’s low will be 6 Degrees. My family left town yesterday for the weekend, and I decided to stay behind. So it’s just me and the dogs, and I took them west of Cedar on a hike. This town is right on the borderline of the Colorado Plateau, and there are mountains. So it seems like this place gets more snow than the desert. I journeyed out there today and there wasn’t much snow. But had an enjoyable time, and made it back safely.

The other day I almost got stranded. My vehicle is old and was having some problems, but I made it back okay. I was off in a canyon for about six hours doing some photography, and enjoying the silence. When I returned to go home, the car was totally dead! Several times I tried push starting it but nothing would happen. Just after dusk, a man stopped in a Chevy truck and was kind enough to jump start my car. I hadn’t seen anyone else all day. This location was about 20 miles from the main highway. So I was glad that I didn’t end up spending the night out there. LOL.

So I will end by saying Happy New Year!