First Day of Classes

Every time I return back to classes and college studies, I get this weird restless feeling inside. Kind of like I don’t want to be here, but I am sticking it out. If I had my way, I’d be traveling the Southwest, and doing my photography. I wouldn’t be stuck to this tiny campus, nor this town and its boundaries. There’s no soul in all of this. But like usual, I’ll keep on going.

It feels like everybody wants me to conform in certain ways, and the pressure is pushing from all directions. It never stops. Wanting to break free is constantly on my mind, but to hang in there is also important.

Then there’s the addiction to the technology, and the candy covered luxuries of civilization and easy living. All of this binds the Human Spirit. It’s creating a feeling of helplessness, and weakness. It’s a feeling of being caged in, and starved.

These are my thoughts and feelings for the moment. The more I dwell on them, the worse it gets.