Donald J. Trump is Propping Up Evil

Trump is maintaining PURE EVIL. He’s propping up the same settler regime every single president has ever defended. An immoral empire of lies will continue to spawn immorality until truth prevails. Immorality can only begets more immorality.

All of the corruption common people speak of regarding child exploitation and human trafficking, and the most vile darkness, is due to this colonialism. Trump props it up as he demonstrated brazenly at his appearance at Mt. Rushmore which was a slap in the face of Native People who revere the Black Hills as sacred.

This long history of child abuse, people speak of in the United States in 2020, was utilized as a weapon of cultural genocide and dehumanization against Native kids in Native American Boarding Schools. Various church denominations engaged in the same evils and abuse in assisting the Settler Colonial Regime in its vision of Manifest Destiny. Christians, including Catholics Priests, are some of the worst perpetrators, monsters and abusers.

The largest minority of missing and murdered women and children are Indigenous Women and Children who have been silenced by the colonial regime that TRUMP OR BIDEN continues to prop up. It doesn’t matter who you vote for in the 2020 Election, because the Settler Colonialism is always the winner 100% of the time. That’s the truth.

On an end note, I post a favorite image of the great #Lakota Mystic #SittingBull. He knew about these Wasicu Invaders and the greed in their hearts. This hero gives me a spiritual connection to the past, and what was truly marvelous about the real First Nation that continue to survive American Colonialism. It’s a nice counter-intuition to the negative and evil darkness that is the United States.