Hovering Up The Canyon

Middle of the night

during a dripping light storm

Clouds dense like soup

with a smooth humid stench

permeating the mossy August air

it came to me in the early morning

around 2AM with a lowly hum

shortly after orbs were playing tag

which stirred me out of the deepest of sleeps

They danced like ancient spirits

and shimmered

above the New Mexico pines

near the Colorado line

in a place off the road, I encamped

on my way to Dulce

on Jicarilla Apache Lands

it was an old growth forest.

It was where I saw the triangle craft

hovering up the canyon

above US Highway 64

rotating on its side like a wagon wheel

before climbing into the moon soaked

cloud quilt above

and vanishing.

Poem from my UFO Encounter in 2014

by Nathan Arizona


Original Details on Youtube:

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