Be a Citizen Journalist & Know the Beauty

The beauty of this world cannot be suppressed. A strong desire in humans to protect & defend their freedom also plays big role in this web of life. Certain inalienable liberties were gifted to us by the Creator and CANNOT be taken away or forfeited by any government or institution but sometimes we have to fight to protect them. There’s an evil on our planet that feels too unreal to acknowledge and is often grossly overlooked. However, it has always been there and instinctively challenges our freedom if it goes unchecked (think runaway government, greed, crony capitalism, etc) and so most people never take time to learn the truth and remain ignorant. They say those that don’t learn their own history are doomed to repeat it.

The dark shadow that now envelops our world has been here since the beginning and should be expected, but is unrealized. The current injustices unfolding everywhere have happened before, just not at this current scale of destruction. I know for a fact that the depredations against Native Americans (American Indians) in the past would eventually inflict all American Citizens especially through greed; consider the Patriot Act, and the new 2012 Federal NDAA Defense Bill that passed the US Senate, recently. This bill will declare the American homeland a battle field where American citizens are arrested if they are “suspected” of being a terrorist, or sympathizing with any terrorist group. Heck, if you act “belligerent” they can accuse you of being a terrorist and put you in endless detention without due process & without being charged for a crime. You’ll be denied a lawyer and locked up without a trial by jury! While bypassing Miranda Rights, this bill also justifies the torture of citizens while shredding the Bill of Rights. This has forced me to start pondering how we wound up with such treasonous senators and how we voted them into office!? How could they even consider passing such a dangerous, malicious bill? Many of the same injustices brought about by tyranny have harmed millions of people. Rogue governments have murdered millions and now this darkness is knocking at the door of the American people, fully armored. Surely, it was just a matter of time…

Over the years, I’ve spent my life wondering and traveling through beautiful isolated places that are unknown and often mysterious. I’ve tried to ignore the bad things in the world. Now, as Americans begin to lose their freedom & way of life (like their predecessors, the First Nations) at the hands of this dark wind (also known as Westward Expansion, colonialism, Manifest Destiny, and now greed) it’s important that we still have these beautiful places and a powerful strength within the human spirit to fight against this evil called greed. As it starts to entrench the Earth, and enslave humanity, it is just one of the beginning chapters of a cataclysmic change that’s going to arrive very soon. In fact, many non-western based cultures have been expecting this change for hundreds if not thousands of years.

There is a reason why all these terrible and unbelievable natural disasters are unfolding; massive earthquakes, rogue tsunamis, climate change, unruly wildfires, and rumors of deadly diseases. The Earth Mother is revolting. It is time for humanity to play a major role in this great change. In my gut I know a lot of people are going to suffer as a result. I cannot tell you exactly what’s going to happen because I don’t have the answers but is time for us two-leggeds to rise up and fight against this dark wind. This is a test of our humanity and I believe the Creator is fully aware of our struggles and sufferings.

As an LDS Mormon, we have our own prophecies and spiritual leaders who are guiding us in the last days. This however is my personal poetic and spiritual message to the world. It comes straight from my heart! My grandfather was a spiritual guide and an important patriarch of our family and he would always remind us to “stand ye in holy places and do what’s right in the world.” I don’t need to explain all those age-old teachings about loving your neighbor and your enemy. We all know the basics. He warned me for several years of the things that would ensnare the world and change everything as we know it, forever. We are here at the crossroads. We have entered the Event Horizon. There is no turning around, or going back. All we have is the courage to move forward with fortitude! We have to be very bold, generous, and nonviolent.

We all have to face this and survive it. So get ready. For me, all the answers lay in the wilderness. Even Jesus of Nazareth fasted for forty days and forty nights in the wild when contemplating serious spiritual matter. The rolling hills and canyons have been my haven from any uncertainty. Every time I go in the mountains, I feel like I’m returning home. The beauty of the land plays a central role to my beliefs and I share some of that affinity with my indigenous brothers and sisters who have survived and thrived into the last days, despite genocide, racism, and all the colonialism. They have strong ties with the past with their understandings of time and place and how all of history is interwoven into the present and future. I love all my friends, and all the people who have made a difference in my life, both culturally and spiritually. Mainstream America could learn a thing or two from Native people, many of whom still maintain and practice their original traditional lifeways.

To wrap this up, the world as we know it, is coming to an end. Note this, it is going to happen! So prepare. It is time for us to wake up and acknowledge the reality or parish in the tide. Pray to the Creator for the world and for mercy upon all of us. Learn and dig for the deepest truth. Make it a passion and teach yourself how to survive. Teach your friends what you know so that they can start preparing. People can survive if their heart is in the right place. That much, I do know! The Creator will know what’s in your heart. The evil and wickedness in this world will all be destroyed.

It is time for every soul to know the truth and begin asking hard questions. This is the test. Seek out the facts and really learn. Become a citizen journalist and know the importance of spreading information and facts so that more people become objective, informed and proactive. The mainstream media cannot be trusted. Their campaign has been to dumb down our friends and loved ones. It’s up to every two-legged to become a journalist. Start learning the ethics of journalism and get to work learning the truth and educating other curious minds. Information & exposing truth are the most powerful tools to change our world. This is apart of the test to see whether humanity will act accordingly.

I don’t have all the answers, I’m just going on my gut with this because I’m still looking for the truth. The more I learn, the less I know! If I am compelled to act it’s because of what I know. In the end, I’m just another two-legged with a good heart…

Let’s not forget all the warrior spirits who have fought and died for our freedoms and the beauty that we have in the world today. Let’s remember them and realize that it is our duty to protect our freedoms and everything that is beautiful in this sacred world.

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