Heading to Delta Tomorrow

In the morning, I am getting up early and driving three hours to Delta to sell some Alabaster to a rock shop there. Yup, that’s how I am going to pay the rent this month. My favorite stretch of highway is between Milford and Deseret, Utah, which is seventy miles without services and very desolate. If I have enough time to spare this will mean plenty of desert landscape shots through my lens tomorrow.

On another note, I’m heading to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my best friend, Omar and a few ladies this weekend. Hopefully we’ll stop in at the Bar 10 Ranch and grab dinner out there and maybe say hello to my old friends. They want me to help them in April to do some guide work in the canyon. I’m thinking it over. Trust me, the bottom of the Grand Canyon is much warmer than Cedar City at this time of year.

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