My Hat’s Tipped to Libya’s Freedom Fighters

Libya becomes bloodbath as Moammar Gadhafi begins lose grip on power. I support the Libyan people in the uprising against Gadhafi’s regime. For me, the serious unrest is reminiscent of a scene from the movie, Braveheart, where Sir William Wallace screams FREEEEEDOM right before losing his head after a long, arduous and disheartening struggle. Let this be a reminder that freedom often comes with a lethal sacrifice in human blood. Gadhafi is an evil man who is not going to give up without a deadly fight. I can feel the courage, and the thirst for freedom that Libyans are feeling. Gadhafi’s desperation emboldens and glorifies their effort. Believe me, Moammar is the real Cockroach. I am cheering for all Libyans to reach their deepest dream to find the peace that they deserve in this world, and in the hereafter. My heart is cheering for the people who are paying the price for freedom in the Middle East. It’s amazing this is happening in my lifetime. The most honorable deed is fighting for what is right, taking a stand for truth and defending what is most sacred. Freedom is tasty and it’s worth the high price. Don’t forget, It’s better to die fighting rather than on your knees, begging the enemy.

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  1. I support the libyan freedom fighters too. Here is a poem which I would like to dedicate to the freedom fighters of Libya. I salute them. Keep on fighting dudes. freedom is just round the corner. Dont give up.

    Suppression, I accept not
    a poem by Bhuwan Thapaliya

    I came into this world
    not like the river but like a drop of water
    and will soon evaporate

    Though, I am only a drop of water in the majestic ocean of nature
    I yearn to create a vigorous ripple of freedom, in the eternity of the water

    For I am a man of eternal freedom,
    and suppression I accept not …
    I will not accept it

    The living God within me urges me to be free, and to
    march on the road of freedom sans any dread

    My heart, like Einstein, thinks in another dimension
    unknown and unknowable …
    even to my own mind

    And like Goethe, looks at things in a different manner,
    different than those thinkers
    bestowed with pristine minds

    Freedom, the gift of God, is the inherent right
    of every individual
    in this compressed world

    I will fight till the end to free the masses
    from the grip of suppression
    and ignite the lamp of freedom

    I will free the masses or die in the attempt
    but I will never live to see
    the naked dance of repression

    I am not afraid of those suppressors,
    nor am I afraid of the death
    that they are planning for me;
    they can kill me but not freedom forever

    My blood boils whenever I see the strong ones
    pulverising the lean, and my heart cries
    whenever I see the starving pauper
    in the abattoir of the prosperous butcher

    For me
    a red rose is a red rose
    it is not white just because they call it white
    to disguise the ignorant

    They can conquer Everest but not my spirit
    they can stagnate the river
    but not my impetus

    They can take my sight away
    but not my vision of freedom

    They can cut my tongue into pieces
    but not my voice of freedom

    They can stab me with the dagger of despotism
    but not impede the blood of freedom

    I know the road to freedom is blocked with obstacles
    but obstacles cause no despair
    if they are encountered with hope

    We must act now and not merely just look away
    when our freedom
    is threatened from within

    Because it is better to perish without freedom
    than to have a yearn for freedom
    but not the valour to harvest it

    Don’t be a coward …

    Be prepared to receive bullets to your chest
    because, in the struggle of freedom, tolerance
    of suppression is an offence

    Stand up … stand up

    Gather your courage. Come out
    into the field; let’s march hand in
    hand together, right beneath the
    nose of the suppressors, for the
    emancipation of our freedom

    Let us not forget that …

    The ocean is composed of drops
    of water, and all drops possess
    equal potentials, but only, when
    they mix with other drops do
    they form a powerful bond

    So …

    Listen, my oppressed brothers
    listen, my trodden sisters
    listen … listen
    to the natural desire
    of your ceaseless soul

    Do not fear
    trust your soul
    and march ahead
    with a resolute heart
    for the better tomorrow

    And scatter
    the seeds of freedom,
    where does it go?
    it does not matter
    scatter it more with hope

    Welcome the freedom
    welcome it today
    and enjoy it evermore
    but do not use your freedom
    to suppress the people’s soul
    to suppress the people’s soul


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