A Noise is Made

Enoch, Utah

Somewhere in the day to day continuity, you wish for some kind of escape from reality. Vanity rules our minds because we are emotional creatures. There is no logic concerning human behavior. Beyond all the static, our most basic desires are not always realized. Could it be we don’t always venture beyond where we feel comfortable?

In the maze, there is a way past all the dead-ends. There is always a way from start to finish. The clues are there to build endurance. Being aware of the possibilities requires being calm and having faith. Life is about those unexpected events that bring you closer to your objective or push you away. Be ready for all kinds of setbacks. There are many stumbling blocks that will hinder your journey.

It’s all about finding a way, with a will-power that is in your heart. It’s in the motivation and ambition that you invest. The current that can drown you is strong and this is where you have to succeed or fail. It is up to only you to find a way, if you choose to survive. What I am saying is, life is beautiful but never easy. This is reality. If you want to survive, there is no room for self-pity. Survival is rooted in a person being happy and content in their own lives without having to rely on others for that joy. That’s the secret.

The objective is to live strong and find that personal sovereignty in a world of greed and materialism. God has designed natural mechanisms in every human being to build success. We are hard-wired to be tough, to survive, and outlast every storm. Every worthy pursuit requires serious courage and risk. Disappointment has to be accepted as commonplace.

There is only one way to success, it’s in you! You have to be the persistent dreamer. You have to know what to do and what you want. Your heart has to be tough during hard times. The choices you make in this regard will determine your outcome.

While introspecting I had to record a few thoughts because I don’t really have a journal anywhere. So maybe it’s good to write it here on a blog. At least a few ideas emerge, maybe? If someone is reading this and benefits, then I am glad. If you wish to add your thoughts, please do so! 🙂

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