Earth’s Silence

Nathan Cowlishaw, Southern Utah

Away from darkness a dreamer’s journey begins towards incredible healing. His vision conjures up images from the bottoms of waking hours. Those spent thoughts were turning up nothing. The imagination was sad because it did it all in vein and trial.

Yet, here he wanders beneath the shield of sky, crossing the beautiful Desert that flows through him like a river. Out there is where all of the hidden wounds have been sewn. When young, he knew not his fear. Now he knows.

This is my own walk on the Red Road across a cheerful landscape, a vista of quality and color. The bad things in my life are forgotten. They matter not. They are just small thoughts easily cast from the mind. In peace, I shout it all out until I feel unworldly silence.

A bush, a stone, the sound of crickets, a river in the mountains; all of it is beauty. The meadowlark hides in the sunflowers sounding it’s incredible whistles. The desert heals my worn-out soul and renews the spirit. The deepness thereof is possessive and I am a castaway. As far as I am concerned the raft may carry me forever.

Supernatural clouds sail along the bronze horizon and I hear the beating heart of our Mother Earth. I am grateful for all of creation. The ageless wind stirs the forces of life and I am in the corners of God’s imagination. Free of any pain I may have suffered.

My love is the wilderness and those that destroy beauty are my enemies. I am personally sovereign and free.

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