As it is Happening

On the River Bottoms Calf Creek Canyon

That old familiar wanderlust is coming back and I am once again listening to the wind. Talk about footloose! Why is it happening? It’s like Jack London’s Call of the Wild. I am fighting a strong temptation to flee and travel into desolation, isolation and utter solitude. One day I may tempt fate and head into the unknown… I’m listening to the chaotic-symphonic chorus of crickets outside my backyard door with two blue heelers sleeping in the tall grass. Their feet twitch in miniature spasms as if they are sprinting in their dog-dreams. Animals do have visions.

Much time has passed and it will continue. With each passing day I get older and hopefully wiser. When will my restless heart tire and my wild passions break? Yes, I am a crazy dreamer disconnected from everyone. It really seems that I live in dreams. It’s hard for me to understand anything else other than howling winds rushing through pines.

Please… if you are reading this. Come and talk to me and tell me how you feel? Try to help me find affinity and relatedness with you so that we can both understand our humanity; so we can communicate intelligibly because we are surrounded by a chaotic-psychotic world of greed. Come and lets find harmony in the simple. It would be so nice to connect with other dreamers. Are you one of them? If you are, how far have you traveled to my little abode? Because I have been traveling far and wide. As it has been said before; the more I learn the less I know.

I have in my possession an incredible beauty that can never be put down. When I discovered it, it became apart of me. It is what I am. I defend it with all my heart!

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  1. I’ve been fighting wanderlust all my life–if you get a chance, check out my review of the book “Rock Me on the Water” You’ll find another kidred soul


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