Something Weird Happened in the Hills

I’m sure glad that things like that don’t happen on a regular basis. Something uncommon and rare doesn’t usually pop out of the bush like it did today. I’m not worried about anything paranormal or to do with wildlife. What I’m worried about are the few two-legged varmints that seem to haunt the hills.

Anyone who spends enough time out there will know that it is common sense to carry some kind of self-defense whenever possible. You don’t want to stumble across someone’s marijuana field in a remote canyon and end up meeting the farmer. Or how about the poachers, cattle rustlers, artifact diggers and fugitives running from the law?

I’ve had my share of awkward and strange encounters with a few creeps and I hope to keep them minimal! Today was rather trippy and I would prefer to end this here for now! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Something Weird Happened in the Hills”

  1. I hear that an encounter with the jackelope elders will do that to a man


    Seriously, I’m glad to read your (honest) advice towards self-defense in the (domestic) deserts. All of that beautiful and arid terrain, a person could like to think it wouldn’t ever be necessary and/or seriously helpful, but off of the beaten path — probably the road more preferred to some, regardless fo whether it could be a road less traveled, you know — I suppose that one might not know *all* of what to expect, out there. By what you say of the social environment, it looks like it’s just as good to keep a level head about it, even though the area wouldn’t look like downtown whereversburgh.



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