A Few Wintry Thoughts

The frigid weather that hung around for a while is now passing. It’s warming up. It was nice in the sun, here in Cedar. So I took my dog and went for a drive out into the desert. At night, I’m dreaming again like when I was younger. These dreams are very real and inspire me to write something tonight. As for today, my brother and I devoured pizza for lunch on top of a parking lot roof, downtown, while watching smoke rise from chimneys into the blue sky. The mountains and the desert sprawled beyond the outskirts of town. There was a simple and mysterious beauty about everything. What a splendid day!

There are things that I am able to understand about this desert that doesn’t require scientific data, or the intellectuals of western civilization. I feel happy to be apart of existence, and to live on Mother Earth. I may be ignorant somewhat in the way I interpret this info, but I’m no friend of a structured life. The wasteland is in my heart, and I’m personally sovereign and happy. I haven’t been able to find this peace with Western Civilization, America, pop-culture, or around people who live by and believe in a status quo. I don’t believe humans live in a world of suffering, and I don’t believe one can only reach salvation in the next life by adhering to certain religious laws in this one. Heaven is right here on Earth and I feel the love of the Great Creator.

Before dusk, I went to an old pictograph site. I arrived just as the sun was beginning to set. The smell of light snow and juniper filled the air. The wind moved gently through the trees. There was a gentle evening glow and the sky was cloudless. The air was crisp. The silence was soothing; away from town, away from noise. Those painted images tell stories of what happened long ago. I listen to what they have to say.

This world has gone through many cycles. The one we live in may change some day. So don’t take beauty for granted. The wilderness is still amazing. There is a great unknown that lives in those hills of eternal rest… The ravens were playing tag as I watched the evening sun. Their wild conversations echoed through the canyon, bouncing off steep rock walls. The images seem to know when I pay them a visit, because I never feel alone.

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