The Great Unknown

I went for a walk with some of the ranch employees under the stars down a dirt road tonight. We were walking in the black of starlight. Coming back I realized how fortunate I was to be on a casual stroll near one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Grand Canyon. I mentioned some of my stories that I sometimes fear to tell, and my co-workers started to listen; then they grew uncomfortable as I started going into detail. So I remained quiet, and ponder the mysteries of the landscape on my own. So many folks fear the great unknown and turn to go the other way…

The darkness was black beyond sight. Without flashlights we became vulnerable as we stumbled down the dirt road in darkness. But the night was young, the stars, bold. The hills were silent. And then came yips and howls of ancient coyotes reminding me that we are not alone in this wasteland wilderness they call Whitmore Canyon. We continue down the road passed two or three cattle guards, down into Whitmore Wash, a main Grand Canyon tributary. The stars glisten and change colors rapidly in their twinkling. The Colorado roars off in the distance, down in the pre-Cambrian stomach of Mother Earth. The canyon wails an ancient and beautiful song with wind through the Junipers. She seems to say, “I’m Waiting.”

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  1. Nate, I like the new WP theme you are using. While reading your posts here, I feel transported to another century, another time in this country, when things were much more simple. I long for that simple life. Thanks for encouraging me with your words today. God bless, Mike


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